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Journal: Journal of Intercultural Communication & Interactions Research Volume 1 Issue 1 Year 2021 pp. 143 - 146


Peter Lang specializes in the humanities and social sciences, covering the complete publication spectrum from monographs to journals to student textbooks. As an academic publisher that is deeply committed to excellence, Peter Lang has over fifty years of experience serving the academic community. Our extensive publications enjoy a worldwide readership and benefit from being widely reviewed in international academic journals. We are known for our publications in certain key disciplines, including Cultural Studies, Education, Film Studies, History, Law, Linguistics and Translation Studies, Literature, Media and Communication, Philosophy and Theology, and newly developing academic areas and research approaches. Each year, Peter Lang publishes an average of 1,400 books in both print and electronic format. In 2016, Peter Lang launched its first digital platform, on which 10,000+ ebooks can be accessed, and is also an expanding publisher of open access online journals like this new offering.


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Title: About the Publisher, the Editing Institute & the Host Institution