Contextuality in Translation and Interpreting

Selected Papers from the Łódź-ZHAW Duo Colloquium on Translation and Meaning 2020–2021

by Michał Kornacki (Volume editor) Gary Massey (Volume editor)
©2022 Edited Collection 238 Pages
Series: Łódź Studies in Language, Volume 70

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The papers compiled in the present volume reflect the key theme of the most recent Duo Colloquium sessions – contextuality. The psychological notion of context has been central to translation research for decades, and it has evolved along with the development of translational thought, translation types and tools. The theme of contextuality can be understood at any level, from the geopolitical to the textual, and embraced by both academic and professional considerations of translational and interpreting phenomena. It is centred on context, contexts and/or decontextualisation in translation and interpreting theory and practice from a variety of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives. Discussing the above-mentioned notions is the subject of the present volume.


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Biographical notes

Michał Kornacki (Volume editor) Gary Massey (Volume editor)

Michał Kornacki is Assistant Professor at the Department of Translation Studies and Language Pedagogy, University of Łódź, Poland. His research includes translation, application of information technology translator training and human-computer interaction. Gary Massey is Professor of Translation Studies at the School of Applied Linguistics at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. His research and publications cover translation processes, translator education and industry profiles.


Title: Contextuality in Translation and Interpreting