Confronting Antisemitism on Campus

by Virginia Stead (Volume editor)
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Confronting Antisemitism on Campus allows higher education professionals to dive in and consider how their roles on campus impact Jewish students, faculty, and staff. Through personal anecdotes, case studies, scholarly research, and historical references, this seminal work provides contextual understanding for the experiences of Jewish and non-Jewish professionals on campuses. Divided into five segments, each section of the book provides an in-depth understanding for a variety of issues transpiring on campus related to Jewish community members.

Biographical notes

Virginia Stead (Volume editor)

Virginia Stead, Ed.D. (2012, OISE University of Toronto) established and edited the Equity in Higher Education Theory, Policy, and Praxis series until 2020. Dani Green, Ph.D. received her doctorate in English from the University of Notre Dame in 2020 and was Acquisitions Editor for Education at Peter Lang from October 2020 to to January 2023.


Title: Confronting Antisemitism on Campus