Resisting Neoliberal Schooling

Dismantling the Rubricization and Corporatization of Higher Education

by Anthony J. Nocella II (Volume editor)
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Resisting Neoliberal Schooling: Dismantling the Rubricization and Corporatization of Higher Education, edited by award-winning author and professor Anthony J. Nocella II, is the first book that critiques the use of rubrics in assessment and evaluation within education and the effects of the rubric as a tool for social and intellectual control. This powerful theoretical intervention goes beyond the most dangerous academic repressive theory, standardization, and critically interrogates the next step in academic control, rubricization. Nocella, a public intellectual on the school-to-prison pipeline and academic repression, gathers together brilliant scholars from around the world to write on the mass normalization, assimilation, homogenization, and commodification of knowledge learning, creation, and analysis. The most important theme of this book is the challenging, resisting, and explaining of neoliberalism in education. This thought-provoking and engaging anthology has writings by Clifton Sanders, Roderic Land, Ashley Cox, Lauralea Edwards, Anthony J. Nocella II, David Robles, Emily Thompson, Elisa Stone, Lea Lani Kinikini, Elizabeth Vasileva, Will Boisseau, Adalberto Aguirre, Jr., Rubén Martinez, Richard Van Heertum, Victor M. Mendoza, Laura Schleifer, Riley Clare Valentine, Steve Gennaro, Doug Kellner, Frank A. Fear, Caroline K. Kaltefleiter, David Bokovoy, Anthony J. Nocella, and Paul R. Carr.


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Resisting Neoliberal Schooling Dismantling the Rubricization and Corporatization of Higher Education Anthony J. Nocella II social justice sociology criminology peace social science humanities college higher education neoliberalism politics higher education leadership political science philosophy social theory
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 20xx. xxx pp., num. ill.

Biographical notes

Anthony J. Nocella II (Volume editor)

Anthony J. Nocella II, Ph.D., (they/he) (aka Ant), long-time intersectional total liberation scholar-activist, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at Salt Lake Community College. He is the editor of the Peace Studies Journal and Transformative Justice Journal, and co-editor of five book series including Critical Animal Studies and Theory and Hip Hop Studies and Activism. He is the National Director of Save the Kids and Executive Director of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies. He has published over one hundred book chapters or articles and forty books. He has been interviewed by New York Times, Washington Post, Houston Chronicles, Fresno Bee, Fox, CBS, CNN, C-SPAN, and Los Angeles Times.


Title: Resisting Neoliberal Schooling