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The Gender of Racial Politics and Violence in America

Lynching, Prison Rape, and the Crisis of Masculinity

William F. Pinar

Perhaps not since Gunnar Myrdal’s 1944 classic An American Dilemma has a book appeared as synoptic and unsettling as The Gender of Racial Politics and Violence in America. Here William F. Pinar elucidates the great «American dilemma», that «peculiar» institution of racial subjugation, especially its gendered – and specifically «queer» – psychosexual dynamics. Explicating in detail two imprinting episodes in American racial history – lynching and prison rape – Pinar argues that the gender of racial politics and violence in America is in some fundamental sense «queer». This book will be of interest to students in education, cultural studies, African American studies, women’s and gender studies, and history.
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The Synoptic Text Today and Other Essays

Curriculum Development after the Reconceptualization

William F. Pinar

Synoptic textbooks have played a major role in the intellectual advancement of U.S. curriculum studies. William F. Pinar argues for a new synoptic text, summarizing recent and relevant research in the academic disciplines toward the subjective and social reconstruction of the public sphere that is the school classroom. Such a reconceptualization of curriculum development enables teachers to complicate the classroom conversations they themselves will lead. Subsequent essays demonstrate the thematic and methodological forms such curriculum development might take.
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Autobiography, Politics and Sexuality

Essays in Curriculum Theory, 1972-1992

William F. Pinar

Like a particularly heartfelt letter to the reader, William Pinar's Autobiography, Politics and Sexuality: Essays in Curriculum Theory 1972-1992 asserts the viability of autobiography as a tool of study in the area of curriculum and instruction. As an alternative to the sterile bureaucratic style of curriculum studies that dominated the field at one time, William Pinar has reconceptualized curriculum studies in a more organic, flexible and exciting way which honors the immediacy and complexity of students, teachers and their relationships by taking into account their lives as they live them. Autobiography, Politics and Sexuality: Essays in Curriculum Theory 1972-1992 is a classic in the field of education studies.
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Complicated Conversation

A Book Series of Curriculum Studies

Edited by William F. Pinar

Reframing the curricular challenge educators face after a decade of school deform, the books published in Peter Lang's Complicated Conversation Series testify to the ethical demands of our time, our place, our profession. What does it mean for us to teach now, in an era structured by political polarization, economic destabilization, and the prospect of climate catastrophe? Each of the books in the Complicated Conversation Series provides provocative paths, theoretical and practical, to a very different future. In this resounding series of scholarly and pedagogical interventions into the nightmare that is the present, we hear once again the sound of silence breaking, supporting us to rearticulate our pedagogical convictions in this time of terrorism, reframing curriculum as committed to the complicated conversation that is intercultural communication, self-understanding, and global justice.
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Contemporary Curriculum Discourses

Twenty Years of JCT- Second Printing

William F. Pinar, Caddo Gap Press and William F. Pinar

JCT was the most important journal of curriculum studies during the field’s «paradigm» shift in the 1970s. Its editors sponsored a yearly conference, which also supported the «intellectual breakthrough» that was the reconceptualization of American curriculum studies. This collection brings together «the best» of JCT articles, plus key documentary material of importance to scholars and students alike. Undergraduate and graduate students in curriculum, instruction, and foundations would find this book useful and insightful.
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Queering Straight Teachers

Discourse and Identity in Education

Nelson M. Rodriguez and William F. Pinar

Much of the focus of anti-homophobic/anti-heterosexist educational theory, curriculum, and pedagogy has examined the impact of homophobia and heterosexism on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) students and teachers. Such a focus has provided numerous theoretical and pedagogical insights, and has informed important changes in educational policy. Queering Straight Teachers: Discourse and Identity in Education remains deeply committed to the social justice project of improving the lives of GLBT students and teachers. However, in contrast with much of the previous scholarship, Queering Straight Teachers shifts the focus from an analysis of the GLBT «Other» to a critical examination of what it might mean, in theory and in practice, to queer straight teachers, and the implications this has for challenging institutionalized heteronormativity in education. This book will be useful in courses on educational foundations, curriculum studies, multicultural education, queer theory, gay and lesbian studies, and critical theory.
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Marla B. Morris, Mary Aswell Doll and William F. Pinar

How We Work is a collection of essays by writers from across the disciplines on the ways they produce work. Each writer offers a description of the processes and quirks of putting thoughts into form. Some of the essays are humorous, confessing to the ways writers confront the terror of the blank page. Others are helpful, offering hints and analyses. All give personal reflection on how creating is both horizontal and vertical, involving the writer with places, sensual experiences, and other bodies, as well as with other parts of the self. Deliberately interdisciplinary and multicultural, this collection contains the work of curriculum theorists, fiction writers, poets, musicians, and professors of mathematics, English, philosophy, and women's studies. We hope to encourage readers to become more aware of their own creative potential by reading these essays.
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The Internationalization of Curriculum Studies

Selected Proceedings from the LSU Conference 2000

Donna Trueit, William E. Jr. Doll, Hongyu Wang and William F. Pinar

The Louisiana State University (LSU) Conference on the internationalization of curriculum studies was held April 27-30, 2000. As a result of this breakthrough meeting, the International Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies, the American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies, and the movement within American curriculum studies known as «internationalization» all emerged. This book, which documents the conference proceedings, is an important one for courses in teacher education, foundations of education, and curriculum studies.
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Understanding Curriculum

Fifth Printing

William F. Pinar, William M. Reynolds, Patrick Slattery and Peter M. Taubman

Perhaps not since Ralph Tyler’s (1949) Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction has a book communicated the field as completely as Understanding Curriculum. From historical discourses to breaking developments in feminist, poststructuralist, and racial theory, including chapters on political theory, phenomenology, aesthetics, theology, international developments, and a lengthy chapter on institutional concerns, the American curriculum field is here. It will be an indispensable textbook for undergraduate and graduate courses alike.