Schola Nisibina - Beṯ Sefro da-Nṣiḇin

Editors: F.F.A.S.
ISSN: 2566-6002

The history of the cultures that share a common Aramaean heritage stretches over 3000 years, but there is a danger that these communities will permanently disappear from the Near East. It is more important than ever to preserve the remainder of their cultural heritage, yet social scientific and cultural studies on these cultures have only just begun. To promote such research, members of Aramaean diaspora created the Research Centre of Aramaean Studies as an academic institute. This centre aims to broaden the perspective of historical investigation of these communities as well as reevaluate models for historical research. Exchange between Aramaean and non-Aramaean scholars will address new problems and questions. The Research Centre of Aramaean Studies publishes their findings in the series Schola Nisibina – Beṯ Sefro da-Nṣiḇin.