Africa in Development

ISSN: 1662-1212

Editorial Board
Adebayo Adebiyi, University of Lagos, Nigeria
Fantu Cheru, Nordic Africa Institute, Sweden
Mamadou Diouf, Columbia University, USA
Guy Martin, Winston-Salem State University, USA
Pamela Mbabazi, Mbarara University, Uganda
Carlos Oya, SOAS, London University, UK
Tim Shaw, Royal Roads University, Canada
Series text
While African development remains a preoccupation, policy craftsmen and a multiplicity of domestic and international actors have been engaged in the quest for solutions to the myriad problems associated with poverty and underdevelopment. Academic and scholarly responses have built on the traditional and non-traditional analytical frameworks and promoted a multidimensional discourse on, for example, conflict management, peace and security systems, HIV/AIDS, democratic governance, and the implications of globalization.
This series is designed to encourage innovative thinking on a broad range of development issues. Thus its remit extends to all fields of intellectual inquiry with the aim of highlighting the advantages of a synergistic interdisciplinary perspective on the challenges of and opportunities for development in the continent. Of particular interest are studies with a heavy empirical content which also have a bearing on policy debates and those that question theoretical orthodoxies while being grounded on concrete developmental concerns.
The series welcomes proposals for collected papers as well as monographs from recent PhDs no less than from established scholars.
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