Crosscurrents: New Studies on the Middle East

ISSN: 2381-2443

"This series will publish book-length manuscripts pertaining to the peoples of the Middle East. The Middle East is understood in the broadest sense associated with the term, and is reflective of widely shared socio-religious patterns, histories, and heritages.
For the purpose of this series, the Middle East will include what is more commonly referred to as the Near East (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel/Palestine); North Africa (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Chad, the Sudans, and Somalia); Turkey and Iran; Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the countries of the Arab Gulf; and, finally, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Central Asian Republics. The series will be interdisciplinary and inclusive of diverse topics and methodologies. Representative fields will include art, art history, architecture, language and literature, history, politics, economics, and religion. Reinterpretations, as well as investigations of the hitherto uninvestigated, will be especially welcomed.