Contemporary Studies in Descriptive Linguistics

This series provides an outlet for academic monographs which offer a recent and original contribution to linguistics and which are within the descriptive tradition.
While the monographs demonstrate their debt to contemporary linguistic thought, the series does not impose limitations in terms of methodology or genre, and does not support a particular linguistic school. Rather the series welcomes new and innovative research that contributes to furthering the understanding of the description of language.
The topics of the monographs are scholarly and represent the cutting edge for their particular fields, but are also accessible to researchers outside the specific disciplines.
Contemporary Studies in Descriptive Linguistics is based at the Department of English, University of Buckingham.
The Literary and Cultural Stylistics subseries aims to explore the intersection of descriptive linguistics with the disciplines of literature and culture. The techniques of stylistic analysis offer a way of approaching texts both literary and non-literary as well as all forms of cultural communication. The subseries offers a home for this research, where literary criticism meets linguistics and where cultural studies meets communication. It welcomes a wide range of data sets and methodologies, with the intention that every book in the subseries makes a new contribution to the disciplines that support them.