Communication, Sport, and Society

ISSN: 2576-7232

Communication, Sport, and Society features works that are anchored in and engage with the disciplinary traditions of communication and media studies while showcasing the rapidly-growing field of communication and sport. Foremost, this series considers communication broadly in relation to sport; reliant on burgeoning media studies engagement in the area, and going beyond it to understand interpersonal, group, organizational, and rhetorical dynamics at play in an increasingly digitized and social communication environment. Moreover, this series aims to understand the social and cultural ramifications of sport through the broadly defined communication discipline, providing a place for scholars to study and discuss sport within specific subareas of communication, such as journalism, media studies, speech communication, public relations, advertising, politics, and information sciences. Timely and topical, Communication, Sport, and Society will appeal to students and researchers who are intrigued by this emerging field and its prevalence in modern culture.