Conflict and Peace

ISSN: 2575-6796

This series highlights leading-edge conflict transformation and peacebuilding work that is achieved through engaged scholarship in the contemporary world. Volumes in the series demonstrate the relationship between conflict and systemic issues related to culture, society, the environment, politics, history, and economics. The series emphasizes the lived experience of conflict transformation and peacebuilding for practitioners, as well as novel ways of representing the spectrum of lived experiences of people involved in conflict transformation and building. These volumes show the relationship between theory and practice, consider a variety of modes and domains of communication and interaction, and are written to engage multiple audiences.


  • Title: Realizing Nonviolent Resilience

    Realizing Nonviolent Resilience

    Neoliberalism, Societal Trauma, and Marginalized Voice
    Volume 2
    by Jeremy A. Rinker (Volume editor) Jerry T. Lawler (Volume editor) 2020
    ©2020 Monographs 286 Pages
  • Title: Transforming Conflict and Building Peace

    Transforming Conflict and Building Peace

    Community Engagement Strategies for Communication Scholarship and Practice
    Volume 1
    by Peter M. Kellett (Volume editor) Stacey L. Connaughton (Volume editor) George Cheney (Volume editor) 2020
    ©2020 Monographs 290 Pages