Education Management

ISSN: 1947-6256

The Education Management: Contexts, Constituents, and Communities (EM:c3) series includes the best scholarship on the varied dynamics of educational leadership, management, and ad-ministration across the educational continuum. In order to disseminate ideas and strate-gies useful for schools, colleges, and the education community, each book investigates critical topics missing from the extant literature and engages one or more theoretical perspectives. This series bridges the gaps between the traditional management research, practical approaches to academic administration, and the fluid nature of organizational realities. Additionally, the EM:c3 series endeavors to provide meaningful guidance on con-tinuing challenges to the effective and efficient management of educational contexts. Volumes in the series foreground important policy/praxis issues, developing professional trends, and the concerns of educational constituencies. The aim is to generate a corpus of scholarship that discusses the unique nature of education in the academic and social spaces of all school types (e.g., public, private, charter, parochial) and university types (e.g., public, private, historically black, tribal institutions, community colleges). The EM:c3 series offers thoughtful research presentations from leading experts in the fields of educational administration, higher education, organizational behavior, pub-lic administration, and related academic concentrations. Contributions represent re-search on the United States as well as other countries by comparison, address issues related to leadership at all levels of the educational system, and are written in a style ac-cessible to scholars, educational practitioners and policymakers throughout the world.