Emerging Markets Studies

ISSN: 2190-099X

The Peter Lang series Emerging Markets Studies includes works which address opportunities, problems, and challenges of socio-economic development and reform in so-called emerging markets. These comprise middle-income developing and transition economies which are relevant for the world economy due to a large market potential, a favorable or improving investment climate, or due to the availability of important natural resources. Emerging markets have realized or show the potential to generate sustained socio-economic development and growth processes over time.
The volumes in this series seek to address three key questions: What are the determinants of successful socio-economic development, What are appropriate reform strategies to overcome impediments to catching-up processes, and how do politico-institutional factors affect the performance of an emerging economy?
The scope of the series is comparative, institutionalist, and international. The overall focus of all titles is to enhance the understanding of socio-economic catching-up processes and their institutional foundations from a political-economy perspective. Due to the complexity of development processes and policy reform, various methodological tools and academic approaches may prove to be appropriate. Hence the series includes contributions from various disciplines such as economics, political science, or sociology.