Language as Social Action

This Series explores new and exciting advances in the ways in which language both reflects and fashions social reality--and thereby constitutes critical means of social action. As well as these being central foci in face-to-face interactions across different cultures, they also assume significance in the ways that language functions in the mass medias, new technologies, organizations, and social institutions. Language As Social Action does not uphold apartheid against any particular methodological and/or ideological position, but, rather, promotes (wherever possible) cross-fertilization of ideas and empirical data across the many, all-too-contrastive, social scientific approaches to language and communication. Contributors to the Series will also accord due attention to the historical, political, and economic forces that contextually bound the ways in which language patterns are analyzed, produced, and received. The Series will also provide an important platform for theory-driven works that have profound, and oftentimes provocative, implications for social policy.