Medieval Interventions

New Light on Traditional Thinking

ISSN: 2376-2683

Medieval Interventions publishes innovative studies
on medieval culture broadly conceived. By «innovative», we
envisage works espousing, for example, new research protocols
especially those involving digitized resources, revisionist
approaches to codicology and paleography, reflections on medieval
ideologies, fresh
pedagogical practices, digital humanities, advances in gender
studies, as well as fresh thinking on animal, environmental, geospatial, and
nature studies.
In short, the series will seek to set rather than follow agendas in the study
of medieval culture.
Since medieval intellectual and artistic practices were naturally
the series welcomes studies from across the humanities and social
sciences. Recognizing also the vigor that marks the field worldwide, the
series endeavors to publish work in translation from non-Anglophone medievalists.