Participation in Broadband Society

This series publishes peer-reviewed monographs and edited volumes by internationally renowned scholars in the field of the social use of information and communication technologies (mass media included), communication studies and science and technology social studies. It provides an editorial space specifically dedicated to the collection of work that integrates new research regarding theoretical discourse, methodologies and studies from multiple disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, geography, linguistics, information science, engineering and more.
The editors particularly welcome texts elaborating new theories, original methodological approaches and challenges to existing knowledge. Proposals aimed at scholars, professionals and operators working in the diverse field of participation in broadband society are invited from all disciplines.

Leopoldina Fortunati is Professor of the Sociology of Communication at the Faculty of Education, University of Udine, Italy.
Julian Gebhardt is a researcher and lecturer at the Faculty of Communication Studies at the University of Arts, Berlin.
Jane Vincent is Visiting Fellow at the University of Surrey’s Digital World Research Centre.