South Asian Literature, Arts, and Culture Studies

Editors: Moumin Quazi

The South Asian Literature, Arts and Culture Studies series invites submissions from scholars working in the field of South Asian Studies, with a particular interest in literature, the arts (print and film), politics, religion, and society. South Asian Studies especially focuses on the Indian subcontinent, particularly India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma, and the diaspora of Non-Resident South Asians throughout the world. The series welcomes a variety of approaches and theories that interrogate and explore aspects and elements of South Asian thought, life, and artistic production. The series does not only focus on contemporary, but also in special cases, on the ancient or classical studies. This series welcomes a variety of analytical approaches and theories, especially postcolonial, feminist, post-structural, new historical, psychological, Marxist, and structuralist. Scholars working in related fields, such as philosophy, hermeneutics, and social theory, with a major interest in how these disciplines relate to South Asian Studies, are also invited to contribute manuscripts.