Spanish Golden Age Studies

Editors: Duncan Wheeler
ISSN: 2297-5225

This series publishes titles on the Golden Age, including but not limited to studies on the New World, the imperial wars, internal strife, visual arts, the popular theatre and prose fiction. Our remit is to provide an outlet for new socio-historical and cultural research on the Early-Modern period, a time when Spain could for the first and last time lay claim to being the world’s leading military, economic and political power. The series is particularly interested in reflections on how cultural production both reflected and shaped the age that ostensibly brought it forth. We welcome both monographs and edited collections in English or Spanish.
Editorial Advisory Board:
Dr Jonathan Bradbury (University of Exeter)
Professor Barbara Fuchs (UCLA)
Professor Enrique García Santo-Tomás (University of Michigan)
Dr Stuart Green (University of Leeds)
Professor Javier Huerta Calvo (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
Dr Anne Holloway (Queen's University, Belfast)
Professor Jeremy Lawrance (University of Oxford)
Professor Rosa Navarro Durán (Universidad de Barcelona)
Dr John Rutherford (The Queen's College, University of Oxford)
Professor Elizabeth Wright (University of Georgia)