Studies in Philosophy, Culture and Contemporary Society

Editors: Bogusław Paź

The aim of the series is to present classical philosophical thought and knowledge about problems and processes which take place in contemporary society. Such a perspective stems from the very relationship between philosophy and social sciences, which is both dynamic and reflexive. On the one hand, in its pure form as a ‘theoria,’ philosophical thought – even if sometimes abstracts from the social context – always remains an active observation that, in the long run, has an impact on social processes, and especially on social sciences. On the other hand, there is a reverse process in which social phenomena directly stimulate philosophical thought.
As part of the series, we plan to publish monographs and volumes dealing with specific problems or social phenomena. Furthermore, the works of Polish societies, like The Polish Leibnizian Society and The Bachelard Society ‘Mythopaeia’, and others will be published.