Teaching Critical Themes in American History

ISSN: 2576-0718

In the United States, the Common Core Standards, the C3 Frame-work for Social Studies Standards (NCSS), and the 10 themes of the National Curriculum Standards (NCS/NCSS) each pose challenges for teachers preparing to teach skills, content, and critical issues of American history. The problem for many middle and secondary teachers is that textbooks do not contain sufficient primary source documents and varied secondary literature linked to these stand-ards. The volumes in the Teaching Critical Themes in American His-tory fill this need by providing teachers with history content, peda-gogical strategies, and teaching resources. The series is organized around key problems/issues in American history so that teachers can select which critical topics upon which they might want to con-centrate.
Middle and Secondary pre-and in-service educators will find the books in this series essential for developing and implementing American history and social studies curriculum in diverse and com-plex classrooms. Teachers will find the books in this series valuable as they search for methodologies and material that will help them address the Common Core Standards in the social sciences and his-tory. Community College history instructors can also find the books in this series helpful as supplementary texts in their U.S. history survey courses. The practical—not to mention exciting—implementation of perspectives offered in each title is a key fea-ture of this series.
This series will address topics such as the formation of the Ameri-can Republic, the problem of slavery in America, causes of the Civil War, emancipation and reconstruction, America’s response to in-dustrialization, the New Deal, the fight for Civil Rights, and more. The Series Editors invite proposals for edited volumes in American history and social studies, along with articles and lesson plans for both the topics above, and other topics of the series.