Welten Süd- und Zentralasiens / Worlds of South and Inner Asia / Mondes de l'Asie du Sud et de l'Asie centrale

The aim of the series Worlds of South and Inner Asia of the Swiss Asia Society is to publish highquality,
representative work issuing from academic research on all aspects of South and Inner Asia.
It comprises, and accepts, studies on historical and present-day South and Inner Asian cultures and
societies covering the fields of history, literature, thought, politics and art as well as translations and
interpretations of important primary sources. Furthermore the series intends to present studies that
offer expert knowledge on current themes appealing not only to the aca demic public, but also to
an audience generally interested in South and Inner Asia.
One important goal of the series is to establish a forum for academic work in the fields of the
humanities and social sciences in Switzerland. However, the series is also committed to the rich variety
of studies and writings in the international research community. The main publication languages
for monographs and collections (by individual or several contributors) are German, French, and
The series is supervised and internally reviewed by an editorial board which is advised by leading
scholars in the academic fields concerned.