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  • Title: The Archparadox of Death

    The Archparadox of Death

    Martyrdom as a Philosophical Category
    by Dariusz Karłowicz (Author) 2016
    ©2016 Monographs
  • Title: Music, Poetry, Propaganda

    Music, Poetry, Propaganda

    Constructing French Cultural Soundscapes at the BBC during the Second World War
    by Claire Launchbury (Author) 2012
    ©2012 Monographs
  • Title: Oral History and the War

    Oral History and the War

    The Nazi Concentration Camp Experience in a Biographical-Narrative Perspective
    by Piotr Filipkowski (Author) 2019
    ©2019 Monographs
  • Title: Polish Literature and the Holocaust (1939–1968)

    Polish Literature and the Holocaust (1939–1968)

    by Sławomir Buryła (Author) Dorota Krawczyńska (Author) Jacek Leociak (Author) 2020
    ©2020 Monographs
  • Title: Bonaventura's «Nachtwachen»

    Bonaventura's «Nachtwachen»

    A Satirical Novel
    by Kathy Brzovic (Author)
    ©1990 Others
  • Title: Un-Disciplining Literature

    Un-Disciplining Literature

    Literature, Law, and Culture
    by Kostas Myrsiades (Volume editor) Linda Myrsiades (Volume editor)
    ©1999 Textbook
  • Title: All of Me

    All of Me

    A Fuller Picture of Anorexia
    by Andrée Dignon (Author)
    ©2007 Monographs
  • Title: Civil Courage

    Civil Courage

    A Response to Contemporary Conflict and Prejudice
    by Naomi Kramer (Volume editor)
    ©2007 Monographs
  • Title: Poetry and Truth

    Poetry and Truth

    Variations on Holocaust Testimony
    by Jerry Schuchalter (Author)
    ©2009 Monographs
  • Title: Disarchiving Anguish

    Disarchiving Anguish

    Charles Reznikoff and the Modalities of Witnessing
    by Jacek Partyka (Author) 2021
    ©2021 Monographs
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