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Judith, Juliana, and Elene

Three Fighting Saints


Marie Nelson

The stories of female heroes of Old English poetry have been more read about than read, but Judith, Juliana, and Elene: Three Fighting Saints now makes the stories of Judith, a female hero of Old Testament times, and Juliana and Helena, who lived in the patristic era, newly accessible. Each new story is accompanied by a facing Old English text and an Afterword that, without over-reliance on critical jargon, gives attention to Marie Nelson's own translation strategies and to her awareness of choices Anglo-Saxon translators made as they re-created the lives of female heroes for readers of their own time.


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ELENE ELENE Pa woos agangen geara hwyrftum tu hund ond preo geteled rimes, swylce XXX eac, pinggemearces, wintra for worulde, pres pe wealdend god 5 acenned wearO, cyninga wuldor, in middangeard purh mennisc heo, soOfrestra leoht. Pa woos sixte gear Constantines caserdomes, pest he Romwara in rice wearO 10 ahrefen, hildfruma, to hereteman. Woos se leodhwata lindgeborga eorlum arfrest. JEOelinges weox rice under roderum. He woos riht cyning, guOweard gumena. Hine god trymede 15 mrerOum ond mihtum, pest he manegum wearO geond middangeard mannum to hroOer, werpeodum to wrrece, syOOan wrepen ahof wiO hetendum. Him woos hild boden, wiges woma. Werod samnodan 20 Huna leode ond HreOgotan, foron fyrdhwate Francan ond Hugas. Wreron hwate weras, gearwe to guOe. Garas lixtan, wriOene wrelhlencan. Wordum ond bordum 25 hofon herecombol. Pa wreron heardingas sweotole gesamnod ond eal sib geador. For folca gedryht. FyrdleoO agol wulf on wealde, wrelrune ne maO. UrigfeOera earn sang ahof, 30 laOum on laste. Lungre scynde ofer burg enta beadupreata mrest, ELENE Two hundred and thirty-three winters all told had passed in this world from the time God, our Ruler, Glory of kings and Light to the righteous, was born of woman and came to live on middle-earth. It was also the sixth year of the reign of Constantine; the brave battle-leader had served six years as emperor, lord of the citizens of Rome. Constantine, an honorable man, lived among noble kinsmen. The Roman leader was a true king, a war-guardian of men. In his time a kingdom...

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