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Curriculum Studies Guidebooks

Volume 2- Concepts and Theoretical Frameworks


Marla B. Morris

Curriculum Studies Guidebooks treat the (Post)reconceptualization of curriculum studies. The literature reviewed in this volume reflects current issues and discussions taking place in education. This volume is about the intersections among curriculum studies and aesthetics; spirituality; cosmopolitanism; ecology; cultural studies; postcolonialism; poststructuralism; and psychoanalytic theory. These theoretical frameworks will provide students in the field of education with the tools that they need to theorize around the concept of curriculum. This is an interdisciplinary book that will be of interest to students outside the field of education who are studying aesthetics, spirituality, cosmopolitanism, ecology, cultural studies, postcolonialism, poststructuralism, and psychoanalytic theory. It could be used in such education courses as curriculum studies; social foundations of education; philosophy of education; cultural curriculum studies; critical and contemporary issues in education; narrative inquiry in education; and qualitative studies in education.
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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Morris, Marla. Curriculum studies guidebooks: concepts and theoretical frameworks / Marla Morris. volumes; cm. —(Counterpoints: studies in the postmodern theory of education; vols. 498–499) Includes bibliographical references and index. Contents: v. 1. Introduction—Historical Curriculum Concepts, Part One—Historical Curriculum Concepts, Part Two—Historical Curriculum Concepts, Part Three—Political Curriculum Concepts—Multicultural Curriculum Concepts—Gender Curriculum Concepts—Literary Curriculum Concepts—v. 2. Introduction—Aesthetic curriculum concepts—Spiritual curriculum concepts—Cosmopolitan curriculum concepts—Ecological curriculum concepts—Cultural studies curriculum concepts—Postcolonial curriculum concepts—Poststructural curriculum concepts—Psychoanalytic curriculum concepts. 1. Education—Curricula—United States—Philosophy. I. Title. LB1570.M685 375’.001—dc23        2015022031ISBN 978-1-4331-3126-4 (v. 1, hardcover)ISBN 978-1-4331-3125-7 (v. 1, paperback)ISBN 978-1-4539-1658-2 (v. 1, e-book)ISBN 978-1-4331-3128-8 (v. 2, hardcover)ISBN 978-1-4331-3127-1 (v. 2, paperback)ISBN 978-1-4539-1659-9 (v. 2, e-book)ISSN 1058-1634 Bibliographic information published by Die Deutsche Nationalbibliothek. Die Deutsche Nationalbibliothek lists this publication in the “Deutsche Nationalbibliografie”; detailed bibliographic data are available on the Internet at Cover image: ©

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