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A Dream Deferred

New Studies in Russian and Soviet Labour History


Edited By Donald Filtzer, Wendy Z. Goldman, Gijs Kessler and Simon Pirani

This volume brings together the latest work in Russian labour history, based on exciting materials from previously closed archives and collections. Sixteen essays, focusing on peasants and workers, explore the lives and struggles of working people. Ranging over a century of dramatic upheaval, from the late 1800s to the present, the essays are organized around three broad themes: workers’ politics, incentives and coercion within industrial and rural workplaces, and household strategies. The volume explores the relationship between the peasantry and the working class, a nexus that has been central to state policy, oppositional politics, economic development, and household configuration. It profiles a working class rent by divisions and defined not only by its relationship to the workplace or the state, but also by its household strategies for daily survival. The essays explore many topics accessible for the first time, including the motivations of women workers, roots of revolutionary activism, the revolutionary movement outside the great cities, socialist opposition to the Soviet regime, reactions of workers to Stalinist terror, socialist tourism, peasant families in forced exile, and work discipline on the collective farms.


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Aborina, Tat’iana Afontsev, Sergey A. , , Akakevich, Akakii (character in Gogol’ short story) Aksenov-Razin, R.V. Alekseeva, Tat’iana Alisov, Ia.T. Allen, Barbara , Andreev, A.A. , , , , , Andreev, A.J. Anisimova, Feodosiia Ankudinov, Vasilii Ankudinova, Ol’ga Artemov, T. Ascher, Abraham Aves, Jonathan Badcock, Sarah , , Bakaev, I.P , , Baranowski, Shelley Barber, J.D. Barchuk, Valerian , , , Barsov, A. Belikov, S.A. Belov, Fedor Benediktov, I.A. Bergavinov, S.A. Bergman, G. Beria, Lavrentii Pavlovich Berman-Iurin, K.B. , Beznosikov (commandant special settlement Syktyvkar region, Komi republic) Bliugin, N.M. (government commissar Sormovo factories) Bogdanovich (deputy director Serp i Molot iron and steel works, Mos- cow) Bogoliubskii (head of steel extrusion shop Serp i Molot iron and steel works, Moscow) Bol’shikh, Mariia Bonnell, Victoria , , Borodkin, Leonid Borzov, G. Brezhnev, Leonid Il’ich , , , Braslina (C@K9 officer) , Briukhova, Ol’ga Brovkin, Vladimir Bruno, G.I. Bukharin, Nikolai Ivanovich , , , , , , , , Bulkin, F. Burawoy, Michael Bykhovskii, M. Carr, E.H. , Chagin, Petr Chase, William Chekhov, Anton Chelyshev, M.I. Cherniavskii, U.G. , , Name Index 69G:6B9:;:GG:9 Chernyshevsky, Nikolai Chicherin, Georgii Vasil’evich Chuvikov, V.A. Clarkson, Leslie A. Crawford, E. Margaret Dallin, David Davies, R.W. , , Deutscher, Isaac Diakonov, N. Diakonova, Elizaveta Dimitrov, Georgii Draper, Hal Dreitser, E.A. , Dudarev, Dmitrii Dvinov, Boris Dzerzhinsky, Feliks Edmundovich Eikhe, R.I. , Ellman, Michael -, , Emmanuilovich, Gerbert Engel, Barbara Alpern , , , , Ermolina, L.I. Esterman, I.S. Evdokimov, G.E. , , Ezhov, Nikolai Ivanovich , , , , , Feodorova, Mariia Figin, Nikolai Filtzer, Donald , , , , , , Fitzpatrick, Sheila Gagnier, Regenia Gandiurin, I.E. Gapon, Georgii Apollonovich , Geints, Anfiia Geints, Fridrikh Gendel’man, Mikhail Glodzinskaia, Kseniia Gogol’, Nikolai Goldman, Wendy , , , , , , Golubeva, Vera Gorshenin, N.P. Griaznova, Evgeniia Alekseevna Gronow, Jukka Grum-Grzhimailo, V.E. Gurevich, Kh. Gusev, Aleksei , , , , Gusev, Semen...

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