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Blanchot Romantique

A Collection of Essays


Edited By John McKeane and Hannes Opelz

The work of French writer and essayist Maurice Blanchot (1907-2003) is without doubt among the most challenging the twentieth century has to offer. Contemporary debate in literature, philosophy, and politics has yet to fully acknowledge its discreet but enduring impact. Arising from a conference that took place in Oxford in 2009, this book sets itself a simple, if daunting, task: that of measuring the impact and responding to the challenge of Blanchot’s work by addressing its engagement with the Romantic legacy, in particular (but not only) that of the Jena Romantics. Drawing upon a wide range of philosophers and poets associated directly or indirectly with German Romanticism (Kant, Fichte, Goethe, Jean Paul, Novalis, the Schlegels, Hölderlin), the authors of this volume explore how Blanchot’s fictional, critical, and fragmentary texts rewrite and rethink the Romantic demand in relation to questions of criticism and reflexivity, irony and subjectivity, narrative and genre, the sublime and the neutre, the Work and the fragment, quotation and translation. Reading Blanchot with or against key twentieth-century thinkers (Benjamin, Foucault, de Man), they also examine Romantic and post-Romantic notions of history, imagination, literary theory, melancholy, affect, love, revolution, community, and other central themes that Blanchot’s writings deploy across the century from Jean-Paul Sartre to Jean-Luc Nancy. This book contains contributions in both English and French.


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Abbreviations xi


Abbreviations Unless indicated otherwise, all references to the writings of Maurice Blanchot will be given in the text, using the abbreviations listed alpha- betically below. Abbreviations have also been given for frequently cited secondary sources. Place of publication for items in French is Paris, unless specified otherwise. Works by Maurice Blanchot A L’Amitié (Gallimard, 1971). AC Après coup, précédé par Le Ressassement éternel (Minuit, 1983). AM L’Arrêt de mort (Gallimard, 1948), n. edn 1977 (s. L’Imaginaire). CI La Communauté inavouable (Minuit, 1983). CL Chroniques littéraires du Journal des débats, avril 1941–août 1944, ed. posth. by Christophe Bident (Gallimard, s. Les Cahiers de la NRF, 2007). DH Le Dernier homme (nouvelle version) (Gallimard, 1977), n. edn 1992 (s. L’Imaginaire). ED L’Écriture du désastre (Gallimard, 1980). EI L’Entretien infini (Gallimard, 1969). EL L’Espace littéraire (Gallimard, 1955), n. edn 1988 (s. Folio Essais). EP Écrits politiques: Guerre d’Algérie, Mai 68, etc. (1958–1993), ed. posth. (Lignes/Léo Scheer, 2003). FJ La Folie du jour (Montpellier: Fata Morgana, 1973), n. edn 2002 (Gallimard). xii Abbreviations FP Faux pas (Gallimard, 1943), n. edn 1971. IM L’Instant de ma mort (Montpellier: Fata Morgana, 1994), n. edn 2002 (Gallimard). IQ Les Intellectuels en question (Fourbis, 1996), n. edn 2000 (Tours: Farrago). LS Lautréamont et Sade (Minuit, 1949), n. augm. edn 1963. LV Le Livre à venir (Gallimard, 1959), n. edn 2003 (s. Folio Essais). MV Au moment voulu (Gallimard, 1951), n. edn 1993 (s. L’Imaginaire)...

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