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Individual Differences in Speech Production and Perception


Edited By Susanne Fuchs, Daniel Pape, Caterina Petrone and Pascal Perrier

Inter-individual variation in speech is a topic of increasing interest both in human sciences and speech technology. It can yield important insights into biological, cognitive, communicative, and social aspects of language. Written by specialists in psycholinguistics, phonetics, speech development, speech perception and speech technology, this volume presents experimental and modeling studies that provide the reader with a deep understanding of interspeaker variability and its role in speech processing, speech development, and interspeaker interactions. It discusses how theoretical models take into account individual behavior, explains why interspeaker variability enriches speech communication, and summarizes the limitations of the use of speaker information in forensics.
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Speech Production and Perception

Edited by Susanne Fuchs and Pascal Perrier

Vol.  1Susanne Fuchs / Melanie Weirich / Daniel Pape / Pascal Perrier (eds.): Speech Planning and Dynamics. 2012.
Vol.  2Anne Hermes: Articulatory Coordination and Syllable Structure in Italian. 2013.
Vol.  3Susanne Fuchs / Daniel Pape / Caterina Petrone / Pascal Perrier (eds.): Individual Differences in Speech Production and Perception. 2015.