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Theatre in the Berlin Republic

German Drama since Reunification


Denise Varney

Contents: Denise Varney: Theatre in the Berlin Republic: Introduction – Alison Lewis: German Reunification and the Postwar Alliance between German Politics and Culture – Sabine Zolchow: The Island of Berlin – Birgit Haas: The Return of Dramatic Drama in Germany after 1989 – Moray McGowan: What was the Wende and what of the Volk? Fidelio’s questions and the Weavers’ answers – Laura Bradley: Contesting the Legacies of Socialism: Brecht’s The Mother in the Berlin Republic – Laura Ginters: Wir sind das Volk! How a failed revolutionary wrote about the French Revolution - and thereby helped cause one 154 years later: Georg Büchner’s Dantons Tod on the German stage – Denise Varney: Hurting. Hurting. Hurting: Gendered Representations of Reunification in Post-Wende Theatre by Women – Gert Reifarth: Fostering Cultural Schizophrenia: East German Theatres Re-create the GDR – Alexandra Kolb: Goodbye GDR! German Reunification in Johann Kresnik’s Wendewut – John Guthrie: Classical Plays on the Berlin Stage. Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus (Schändung) and Schiller’s Maria Stuart – Katrin Sieg: German Theatre and Globalisation.