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Diachronic Perspectives on Domain-Specific English


Marina Dossena and Irma Taavitsaninen

Contents: Marina Dossena/Irma Taavitsainen: From Synchrony to Diachrony in Domain-specific English: An Introduction – Nicholas Brownlees: Gerrard Winstanley and Radical Political Discourse in Cromwellian England – Dawn Archer: Tracing the Development of Advocacy in Two Nineteenth-century English Trials – Paola Tornaghi: William Dugdale and MS Harley 1129: An Unpublished Seventeenth-century Legal Glossary – Hans Landqvist: Continuity and Change: The Swedish Legal Lexicon as Seen from the Perspective of a Monolingual Specialist Dictionary – Joanna Bugaj: Sources of Discourse-specific Vocabulary in Middle Scots Administrative Records: An Etymological Study of Binominals – Marjorie Lorvik: Language Contact and Lexical Variation in the Context of the North Sea Timber Trade – Gabriella Del Lungo Camiciotti: From Your obedient humble servants to Yours faithfully: The Negotiation of Professional Roles in the Commercial Correspondence of the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century – Marina Dossena: Forms of Self-representation in Nineteenth-century Business Letters – Martti Mäkinen: Dissemination of Textual Material and Second-Generation Corpora: Finding Intertexts in Early English Medical Writing – Päivi Pahta: Ful Holsum and Profetable for the Bodi: A Corpus Study of Amplifiers in Medieval English Medical Texts – Jukka Tyrkkö: From Tokens to Symptoms: 300 Years of Developing Discourse on Medical Diagnosis in English Medical Writing – Elena Seoane/Christopher Williams: Changing the Rules: A Comparison of Recent Trends in English in Academic Scientific Discourse and Prescriptive Legal Discourse.