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Studies in Specialized Discourse


John Flowerdew and Maurizio Gotti

Contents: John Flowerdew/Maurizio Gotti: Introduction – Inmaculada Álvarez de Mon y Rego: A Contrastive Study of Encapsulation and Prospection in Written Scientific Text – Inmaculada Fortanet/Juan Carlos Palmer/Miguel Ruiz: Academically Speaking: The Use of -ly Adverbials by British and American Lecturers – Irena Vassileva: Metamorphosis: Conference Abstract, Conference Presentation, Published Paper – Giuliana Garzone: The Use of Discursive Features Expressing Causal Relations in Annual Company Reports – Susan Kermas: Metaphor and Ideology in Business and Economic Discourse in British and American English – Gina Poncini: Specialized Discourse about Mergers and Acquisitions: Exploring a Cross-border Deal – Cinzia Bevitori: Speech Representation in Parliamentary Discourse. Rhetorical Strategies in a Heteroglossic Perspective: A Corpus-based Study – Louann Haarman: The Construction of Stance in BBC Television Coverage of the Iraqi War – Stefania Biscetti: Tag Questions in Courtroom Discourse – Ross Charnock: Forms and Functions of Ambiguity in English Common Law Adjudication – Charlotte Taylor: Witness Strategies in the Hutton Inquiry.