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English as an Additional Language in Research Publication and Communication


Sally Burgess and Pedro Martín-Martín

Contents: Sally Burgess/Pedro Martín-Martín: Introduction – Inmaculada Fortanet-Gómez: Strategies for Teaching and Learning an Occluded Genre: The RA Referee Report – Zifirdaus Adnan: Discourse Structure of Indonesian Research Article Introductions in Selected Hard Sciences – Enrique Lafuente Millán: Epistemic and Approximative Meaning Revisited: The Use of Hedges, Boosters and Approximators When Writing Research in Different Disciplines – Andrzej Łyda/Krystyna Warchał: Modality and the Move Structure in Concession in Academic Spoken English – Rosa Lorés Sanz: Genres in Contrast: The Exploration of Writers’ Visibility in Research Articles and Research Article Abstracts – Elma Kerz: The Cognitive and Pragmatic Motivations for the Use of Nominalizations in Academic Texts – Isabel K. León/Lourdes Divasson: Shared Knowledge in the Biomedical Research Paper: A Grammatico-Rhetorical Study of the Nominal Prefield – Marek Bielski/Joanna Bielska: Analysing Medical Language: A Study of Polish/English Abstract Translations – Dimitra Vladimirou: Pronominal Reference in Linguists’ Writings: Exploring the English-Speaking and the Greek-Speaking Academic Communities – Pilar Mur Dueñas: Analysing Engagement Markers Cross-Culturally: The Case of English and Spanish Business Management Research Articles – Maryelis Pabón Berbesí/Carmen L. Domínguez: Structure and Function of the Nominal Group in English and Spanish in Academic Texts – Teresa Morell Moll: A Presentation Course Design for Academics of English as an Additional Language: A Multimodal Approach.