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Metarepresentation, Self-Organization and Art


Wolfgang Wildgen and Barend van Heusden

Contents: Barend van Heusden/Wolfgang Wildgen: Introduction – Rik Peters: Torturing the Torturer, Interpretation of Evidence as Metarepresentation – Marcel Bax: Enthymematic Reasoning as a Meaning-making Strategy in Spoken Discourse – Peiling Cui: Metarepresentation in Linguistic Jokes – Michael Leyton: The Mathematical Structure of Pain – Todd Oakley/Per Aage Brandt: Hypotyposis: Metarepresentation, Mind-Reading, and Fictive Interaction – John Bateman: Film and Representation: Making Filmic Meaning – Ole Kühl: Musical Semantics: A Very Brief Introduction – Wolfgang Wildgen: Metarepresentation, Self-organization and Self-reference in the Visual Arts – Svend Østergaard: Imitation, Mirror Neurons, and Meta-cognition – Ulf Harendarski: A Pragmaticistic View on Metarepresentative Semiosis – András Kertész/Csilla Rákosi: On the Metascientific Representation of Inconsistency in Linguistic Theories – Peter Jörg Plath: Self-Organization and Identity - Links between Theories? – Boris Schapiro/Hella Schapiro: Metarepresentations and Paradigms.