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The Regional Challenge in Central and Eastern Europe

Territorial Restructuring and European Integration


Michael Keating and James Hughes

Contents: Michael Keating: Territorial Restructuring and European Integration – Daniele Caramani: State Administration and Regional Construction in Central Europe: A Comparative-Historical Perspective – Michael Keating: Regionalization in Central and Eastern Europe: The Diffusion of a Western Model? – James Hughes/Gwendolyn Sasse/Claire Gordon: EU Enlargement, Europeanisation and the Dynamics of Regionalisation in the CEECs – Martin Brusis: Regionalisation in the Czech and Slovak Republics: Comparing the Influence of the European Union – David Sadler: Production Systems and Uneven Development in East Central Europe: The Limits to Regional Economic Management – Harald Baldersheim/Pawel Swianiewicz: The Institutional Performance of Polish Regions in an Enlarged EU. How Much Potential? How Path Dependent? – Jan Buček: Balancing Functional and Ethnic Regionalisation: Lessons from Slovakia – Judy Batt: ‘Fuzzy Statehood’ versus Hard Borders: The Impact of EU Enlargement on Romania and Yugoslavia – James Hughes: Regional Convergence and Divergence in an Enlarged EU.