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The Importance of Ideals

Debating Their Relevance in Law, Morality, and Politics


Wibren van der Burg and Sanne Taekema

Contents: Wibren van der Burg/Sanne Taekema: The Importance of Ideals: Debating Their Relevance in Law, Morality, and Politics – Sanne Taekema: What Ideals Are: Ontological and Epistemological Issues – Wouter de Been: Pragmatism and Ideal-Oriented Socio-Legal Study – Marc Hertogh: The Living Rechtsstaat: A Bottom-Up Approach to Legal Ideals and Social Reality – Caroline Raat: Stories and Ideals – Willem J. Witteveen: Realist Idealism and the Rule of Law – Bert van den Brink: Ideals of Doing Political Philosophy: From the Perspective of Eternity to Hermeneutical Perspectivism – Roland Pierik: The Ideal of Equality in Political Philosophy – Wibren van der Burg: An Interactionist View on the Relation between Law and Morality – Peter Blok: The Ideal of Data Privacy and the Development of Law – Jonathan Verschuuren/Timon Oudenaarden: The Role of Ideals in Legal Development: Sustainable Development and the Conservation of Biological Diversity as Cases in Point.