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Feminists Contest Politics and Philosophy


Lisa Nicole Gurley, Claudia Leeb and Anna Aloisia Moser

Contents: Lisa N. Gurley/Claudia Leeb/Anna Aloisia Moser: Introduction – Sara Murphy: The Body of Lucretia. Rape, Representation and Sovereign Power – Joy Marie Scott: Fancy Her Femme. Flirting with an OPEN Sexual Aesthetic – Andrew F. Smith: Closer But Still No Cigar. On the Inadequacy of Rawls’s Reply to Okin’s «Political Liberalism, Justice, and Gender» – Suzanne Kelly: Relationship after Death. Embracing Teresa Brennan’s Philosophy of Energetics – Amy Story: Structures of Love. Kristeva on Narcissism and the Virgin Mary – Peter Higgins: Sexual Disorientation. Moral Implications of Gender Norms – Isabelle V. Barker: Citizenship in an Era of Transnational Labor Migration and Inequality. The Status of Non-Citizen Women Workers in the American Long-Term Care Industry – Theresa Weynand Tobin: Assessing Moral Theories. Lessons from Feminist Philosophy of Science – Diane Williamson: Discourse Ethics as Care Ethics. Exploring Interdependence in Communicative Action – Gwynn Thomas: The Ties That Bind. The Familial Roots of Political Legitimacy – Sarah Daynes: Women, Men and God. Or, How to Think about the Intersections between Gender, Sex and Race – Victoria Haydenko: The Formation of Gender Differences among the Young during the Post-Communist Transition in Ukraine – Hayat-Un Nessa: Development and the Universal Subject. Resistance to ‘Gender’ in Bangladesh – Yayo Okano: Twisted Nationalism in Japan. What the Issue of ‘Comfort Women’ Reveals – Drucilla Cornell: New Political Infamy and the Sacrilege of Feminism.