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Culture, Religion, and the Reintegration of Female Child Soldiers in Northern Uganda


Bard Maeland

Contents: Bård Mæland: Culture, Religion, and the Reintegration of Female Child Soldiers in Northern Uganda – Milfrid Tonheim: Where Are the Research Gaps? Reviewing Literature on Former Girl Soldiers’ Reintegration in the African Context – Tor Arne Berntsen: Negotiated Identities: The Discourse on the Role of Child Soldiers in the Peace Process in Northern Uganda – Bård Mæland: Constrained but Not Choiceless: On Moral Agency Among Child Soldiers – Deusdedit Nkurunziza: The Dynamics of Children Associated with Armed Forces and Challenges of Building Peace in Uganda – Chris Coulter: Domesticating the Bush – Christine Mbabazi Mpyangu: The Acholi Worldview: Why Rituals Are Important for the Reintegration of Formerly Recruited Girls in Northern Uganda – Fiona Shanahan/Angela Veale: ‘The Girl Is the Core of Life’: Social Reintegration, Communal Violence, and the Sacred in Northern Uganda – Emeline Ndossi: Stigma as Encountered by Female Returnees and the Role of the Church in Northern Uganda – Miranda Worthen/Susan McKay/Angela Veale/Michael Wessells: ‘I Had No Idea You Cared About Me’: Empowerment of Vulnerable Mothers in the Context of Reintegration – Therese Tinkasiimire: Women and War in Northern Uganda: A Theological Reflection on the Dignity of a Woman in the Reintegration Process – Helen Nkabala Nambalirwa: «The Lord Destroyed the Cities and Everyone Who Lived in Them»: The Lord’s Resistance Army’s Use of the Old Testament Sodom/Gomorrah Narrative – Marta Høyland Lavik: Killing Children with God’s Permission? The Rhetoric of Retaliation in Psalm 193 – Knut Holter: Women and War in Northern Uganda and Ancient Israel: The Interpretative Role of Academia – Magnar Kartveit: Authentic Reading of the Bible – Kjetil Fretheim: Moral Principles and Participation in Practice: Ethical and Methodological Issues in Research on Formerly Recruited Children – Ragnhild Dybdahl/Nermina Kravic/Kishor Shrestha: Are Psychosocial Interventions for War-Affected Children Justified? – Thor Strandenæs: Interviewing Formerly Abducted Children as Informants in Research: Some Methodological and Ethical Considerations – Gerd Marie Ådna: The Interaction Between Interviewees and Interviewers: Perspectives from Religious Studies.