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Lifelong Learning: One Focus, Different Systems


Klaus Harney, Anja Heikkinen, Sylvia Rahn and Michael Schemmann

Contents: M. Singh: The Global and International Discourse of Lifelong Learning from the Perspective of UNESCO – M. Schemmann: Lifelong Learning as a Global Formula – K. Kraus: Lifelong Learning between Educational Policy and Pedagogy – P. Gonon: Lifelong Learning - a Concept or a Slogan? – A. Lindgren: Lifelong Learning in a Changing World – K. Brause, C. Mayer: Lifelong Learning and Gender: An Old Problem in a New Context? – S. Michelsen, H. Høst: Some Remarks on Norwegian Vocational Education and Training – A. Heikkinen, L. Henriksson: Paradoxes in the Manufacturing of a Life Long Learning Employee for Organizations – D. Schulte: Vocational Orientation and the Process of Lifelong Learning – S. Drodge: Vocational Education, Lifelong Learning and Social Change in Old Industrial Regions – M. Reinecke: Different Understandings of Lifelong Learning: An Unbalanced Analysis of Employees’ and Employers’ Perspectives – B. Kaßebaum: Lifelong Learning from the Trade Unions’ Perspective – T. Deissinger: Different Approaches to Lifelong Learning in Britain and Germany – S. Rahn: Lifelong Learing - the End of the «Beruf»? – R. Husemann: Differentiation of Working and Learning Time – K. Harney: Adaptation of Career and Work Experience throughout the Life Course – O. Olsen: Similarities Between Systems - Huge Differences Between Academic Fields.