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International Perspectives on Business Communication

From Past Approaches to Future Trends

Axel Satzger and Gina Poncini

Europe, with its historical and cultural traditions, its economic challenges and its rich variety of languages, is involved in the globalization process. Globalization, however it is defined, gives rise to different issues in business communication which must be analyzed, described and, last but not least, integrated into academic teaching. This volume consists of 16 contributions on the topics Americanization and Globalization, Analyzing Professional Interaction, New Communication Technologies, Teaching Language through Business Content, Intercultural Teams and English and other Languages in Business. These themes drew together scholars, educators and practitioners from around the world for the European Convention of the Association for Business Communication held in Dresden in 2001.
Contents: Brigitte Georgi-Findlay: Americanization and Globalization – Iris I. Varner/Teresa Palmer: Successful Intercultural Work Teams: The Role of Human Resource Management – Ofelia Anna Palermo: Interpersonal Communication and Knowledge Management – George G. Angelopolu: Scalable Competency in the Communication Profession – Annikki Koskensalo: The Functionality of Business Letters in the Face of Globalisation – Birgitte Norlyk: Professional Culture and Professional Discourse – Philip Shaw/Paul Gillaerts/J. Piet Verckens: An Empirical Investigation of the Intercultural Validity of Prescriptive Business Pragmatics – Kathleen Vance/Dale Fitzpatrick: How to Take Part in Formal and Informal Meetings: The Language and Cultural Skills for Giving and Receiving Information in the Workplace – Barbara A. Wilson: The Disposition to Think Critically among Business Communication Students – Jana O’Keefe Bazzoni: Case Project Enactment Competencies: Individual and Team-Building Strategies – Uta Thürmer: Teaching English for Business and Economics as a Foreign Special Language – Maria Teresa Zanola: How to Succeed in Business Communication: Developing Argumentative Strategies and Dominating Persuasive Techniques – Winfried Lange: Dynamics of Functional and Cultural Approaches in Courses for Technical Translators – Yunxia Zhu/Herbert Hildebrandt: Greek Rhetorical Theory: Linguistic and Rhetorical Foundations of Modern Communication – Annalisa Zanola Macola: Vocal and Gesture Delivery in Business Communication: From the Past to the Future – Carson Varner: Liberal Democracy and Business and Legal Limitations on Professional Speech – Eva Stahlheber: Interculturally Speaking: Business Role Models across the Ages. Prestige Countries and Their Format Policies, with Respect to Science Magazines.