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Corpora, Language, Teaching, and Resources: From Theory to Practice


Natalie Kübler

Contents: Natalie Kübler: Introduction – Bernhard Kettemann/Georg Marko: Data-driving Critical Discourse Analysis – Gill Philip: «…and I dropped my jaw with fear»: The role of corpora in teaching phraseology – Alex Boulton: Bringing corpora to the masses: Free and easy tools for interdisciplinary language studies – Angela Chambers: Language learning as discourse analysis: playing games in a corpus of French journalistic discourse – Maggie Charles: Corpus evidence for teaching adverbial connectors of Contrast: however, yet, rather, instead and in contrast – Josta van Rij-Heyligers: Breaking the chains of rhetorics in academia: Corpus-based research as tool for transformation in discourse? – Sylvana Krausse: Semantic preference and semantic prosody in the specialist language class – Josef Schmied: Teaching and learning contrastive linguistics using an EU translation corpus with English, German, French
and Spanish – Juan Pablo Jimenez-Caycedo/Meg Gebhard: «Expert-like» elementary narratives: A genre- and corpus-based study of L2 writing development – Maria Belen Diez Bedmar/Antonio Vicente Casas Pedrosa: The use of prepositions by Spanish learners of English at University level: a longitudinal analysis – Sara Castagnoli/Dragos Ciobanu/Kerstin Kunz/Natalie Kübler/Alexandra Volanschi: Designing a Learner Translator Corpus for Training Purposes – Mojca Pecman: How awareness of lexical combinatorion can improve second language learning: A model for analysing collocations in scientific discourse – Olympia Tsaknaki: Recognizing proverbs: A method and its applications – Philippe Martin: A language teaching software program using spontaneous speech corpora – Olivier Kraif/Agnès Tutin: Using a bilingual annotated corpus as an academic writing aid: an application for EFL users – Isabella Chiari: Teaching language variation using Italian corpora – Geoffrey Williams: The Learner’s Dictionary and the Sciences: Mismatch or no match?