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Alchemization of the Mind

Literature and Dissociation


Zbigniew Bialas and Krzysztof Kowalczyk-Twarowski

Contents: Sandy Feinstein: Refiguring Alchemy in the Canon’s Yeoman’s Tale – Liliana Barakońska: ‘Compounds Strange’ and ‘Confused Lumps’. A Reading of Monstrosity – Nancy Nobile: Rousseau and Pedagogical Alchemy – Gwee Li Sui: Apocalypse and Apocatastasis: Perhaps, the Reformation According to Adolf von Harnack – Steven J. Joyce: The Dissociation of Discourse: Art, Transcendence, and Alchemization in Thomas Bernhard’s Old Masters – Piotr Dziedzic: The Empire of Mind: The Theme of Dissociation in Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow – Helmut F. Pfanner: Alfred Döblin and/or Thomas Mann? German Novelists at the Crossroads – Aleksandra Kiełtucka: ‘Surprise and Pleasure’ or the Reader on the Hook - One Reader’s Journey through the Fiction of John Hawkes – Leszek Drong: The Reader as Alchemist: Nietzschean Philology and Reader-Oriented Criticism – Agnieszka Gołda: Longing for an Impossible Freedom. The Author and the Puppeteer. The Authorial Double in Postmodern Fiction – Ewa Macura: Bodily Dissociations: (In)Visibility and Distance in Oscar Wilde’s Salomé – John Gilliver/Małgorzata Nitka: Sensibility Destabilized. Thomas Hardy’s Poems of 1912-13 – Krzysztof Kowalczyk-Twarowski: Trains and Beasts. On American Regional Writing – Joanna Śmiech: Facing Postcolonial Reality: Ngũgĩ’s The River Between.