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Of Remembraunce the Keye: Medieval Literature and its Impact through the Ages

Festschrift for Karl Heinz Göller on the Occasion of his 80 th Birthday


Uwe Böker

Contents: Rolf Breuer: Karl Heinz Göller at 80 – Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr.: Karl Heinz Göller’s Essay ‘Geoffrey Chaucer: Troilus and Criseyde’ Translated into English – Derek Brewer: Some Notes on the Nature of Medieval Romance and the Modern Novel – Robert Weimann: Authority and Representation in Medieval Romance: Chrétien and Malory – Florian Schleburg: Role-Conformity and Role-Playing in Troilus, Pandarus and Criseyde – Manfred Markus: The Holy War in the Popular ‘romances of prys’: Intertextuality in Chaucer’s ‘The Tale of Sir Thopas’ – Stephan Kohl: Individuality in Middle English Romances: The Case of Ipomadon – Christoph Houswitschka: From Vision to Vainglory: Malory as a Critic of Idealism in the Morte Darthur – Theo Stemmler: Caxton’s Morte Darthur: A Confirmation of Norbert Elias’ Prozess der Zivilisation? – Jürgen Klein: Architectures of the Mind: Horace Walpole’s Distortions of Medieval Romance – Rainer Schöwerling: The Letters of a Dead Man and the Life-Atlas of Fürst Pückler-Muskau as Results of his English Tour – Elisabeth Brewer: The Love-Death Motif in Some Little-Known Nineteenth-Century Novels – Michael Dallapiazza: Medival Tristan and fin de siècle Aestheticism: Georg Kaiser’s König Hahnrei – Joerg O. Fichte: ‘If you achieve perfection, you die’: The Treatment of Galahad in Modern Arthurian Literature – Dieter A. Berger: Resurgent Romance and the Comic in Contemporary British Fiction – Rüdiger Ahrens: The Revival of the Quest in David Lodge’s Novel Small World – Franz Meier: Neuromancer/New Romancer: Cyperpunkt and the Tradition of Romance – Hans-Jürger Diller: ‘But what about Gawain?’ Intertextual Reflections on Irish Murdoch’s The Green Knight – Peter Lenz: Circular Quest in the Vale of Tears: Eamonn Sweeney’s Waiting for the Healer as Swan Song to the Romanticised Image of Ireland – Władysław Witalisz: Saving the Legend: Andrzej Sapkowski’s Re-reading of Tristan in La Maladie – Hans Sauer: Heaneywulf, Liuzzawulf: Two Recent Translations of Beowulf – Uwe Böker: Literary Historians’ Gothic, the Romance of the ‘Ancient Gothic Constitution’, and Peter Ackroyd’s Gothic Imagination in The Clerkenwell Tales.