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On Methods of Music Theory and (Ethno-) Musicology

From Interdisciplinary Research to Teaching


Nico Schüler

Contents: Mirjana Veselinović-Hofman: Musicology vs. Musicology from the Perspective of Interdisciplinary Logic – Leon Stefanija: The Hermeneutics of Music: Between Systematic Theory and Pragmatic Approach – Dennis Cole: On Methods of Ethnomusicological Research – Ken Stephenson: Colour My Chord: Harmonic Transformations in Early Songs of Chicago – Philip Baczewski: Modeling music Perception: Untangling Methods and Methodologies – Cynthia I. Gonzales: Eeny, Meeny, Miney Mo: A Comparison of Four Approaches to Text-Music Relationships – Graham G. Hunt: Transformational Reduction: A Cross-Analytical Approach to Richard Strauss’ Im Abendrot – Brent Auerbach: The Grundgestalt Refined: What a New Model of the Structure Can and Cannot Tell Us about Brahms’ Capriccio in c# minor, op. 76, no. 5 – David Castro: Harmonic, Melodic, and Referential Pitch Analysis: Sonata Form in the First Movement of Shostakovich’s String Quartet No. 2 – Ryan Davis: Melodic and Rhythmic Patterns in Jazz Improvisations: Toward a New Analytical Approach – Dimitar Ninov: On Methods of Teaching Ear Training and Harmony at Bulgarian Institutions of Higher Education – Nico Schüler: Teaching Approaches to Music Theory in the United States: Towards a Stronger Undergraduate Core Curriculum.