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The Influence of Culture in the World of Business


Michael B. Hinner

Contents: Michael B. Hinner: General Introduction: Cultural Adaptation in Mergers and Acquisitions – D. Ray Heisey: Intercultural Communication for a Global Society – Bradford J. Hall: Understanding Global Relations through Local Motivations – Guo-Ming Chen: A Review of the Concept of Intercultural Effectiveness – Young Yun Kim: Adapting to a New Culture: An Integrative Communication Theory – John G. Oetzel/Adolfo Jose Garcia: Managing Intercultural Conflict: Applying the Culture-based Situational Conflict Model – Geert Hofstede: Cultural Constraints in Management Theories – Teruyuki Kume: Contrastive prototypes of Communication Styles in Decision-Making: Mawashi Style vs. Tooshi Style – Arvind Singhal/Motoko Nagao: Assertiveness as Communication Competence: A Comparison of the Communication Styles of American and Japanese Students – Vivian Sheer: The Practice of Transformational Leadership in Chinese Cultures: Constraints and Promises – Steve Sizoo: The Effect of Intercultural Sensitivity on Employee Performance in Cross-Cultural Service Encounters in London and Florida – Andrea Graf: Gender-related differences in Intercultural Communication – Barbara Mueller: Advertising to the Bottom of the Pyramid: Communicating with Consumers in Developing Markets – Marieke de Mooij: The Reflection of Culture in Global Business and Marketing Strategy – Paul Messaris: Visual Advertising across Culture – Prue Holmes/Nurit Zaidman: The Role of Culture in Persuasive Presentations: An Israeli and New Zealand Student Video Exchange – Yuxin Jia: Pragmatic Diversity, Pragmatic Transfer, and Cultural Identity – Felipe Korzenny/Maria Garcia Inglessis: Hispanic Ad Agencies: Taking the Pulse of Their Market – Junhao Hong/Xianhong Chen: Brand-building in the Chinese Social and Cultural Contexts: Characteristics, Trends, and Problems – Nagesh Rao/Arvind Singhal/Li Ren/Jianying Zhang: Is the Chinese Self-Construal in Transition? – Sundae R. Bean/Judith N. Martin: Touring Culture(s): Intercultural Communication Principles and International Tourism.