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Information Distribution in English Grammar and Discourse and Other Topics in Linguistics

Festschrift for Peter Erdmann on the Occasion of his 65 th Birthday

See-Young Cho and Erich Steiner

Contents: See-Young Cho/Erich Steiner: Introduction – John Beatty: Tehenrahsahkwa - Story Variations and Personalities – See-Young Cho: Frequency, Productivity and Lexicalization of Complex Premodifiers in English – Stefan Diemer: The Polysemy of over in Late Middle English Verb-Particle Combinations – Wolfgang Kühlwein: Bede’s Narrative on Cædmon: A Semiotic Analysis – Max Mangold: Final Devoicing according to SIEBS and Deutsche Rechtschreibung 1996 – Karl Maroldt: Word Order in West Saxon Prose – E.-A. Müller/Roger Charlton: Some Standard of Vowel Systems of English: A Typology-Oriented Approach – Elke Nowak: From Morpheme to Utterance: Information Structure and Polysynthesis – Hanna Pishwa: Tense and Aspect: Source of Information – Jackie Pocklington: Bewerben auf Englisch: Stages of Development in a Dictionary, Guidebook and CD-ROM Publication – Erich Steiner: Construing Contextualization through Meaning: Some Thoughts on a Semantics for Theme – Elke Teich: Information Load in Theme and New: An Exploratory Study of Science Texts.