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Sustainable Development in the Baltic and Beyond


Walter Leal Filho, Arnolds Ubelis and Dina Berzina

Contents: Uno Svedin: Sustainable Development - R&D Perspectives from Sweden and the European Union – Pierre Valette: Welcome Statement - Integrative Approaches towards Sustainability (SHARING) – Joachim H. Spangenberg: The Economic Sustainability of the Economy - Assessing the Sustainability of a Complex System by Applying Orientor Theory – Morihiro Kurushima: Challenges on New Technologies for Sustainable Energy System - Climate Change Policy Measures in Japan – Mickael Planasch/Gernot Gwehenberger/Hans Schnitzer/Christoph Brunner: From Cleaner Production to Zero Emissions – Per G. Berg: Factor 5 Flow City - Future Images of Sustainable Urban Development in the Baltic Sea Region – Sergio Ulgiati/Catia Cialani: Environmental and Thermodynamic Indicators in Support of Fair and Sustainable Policy Making - Investigating Equitable Trade among Latvia, Denmark and Italy – Walter Leal Filho: Coastman - Integrative Approaches to Coastal Zone Management in the Baltic Sea – C. Lagerberg-Fogelberg/F. Fogelberg/G. Grankvist: The Use of Environmental Information in Decision Making Promoting a Sustainable Food Chain – Janis Gravitis: Green Biobased Chemistry Platform for Sustainability – G. Geletukha/T. Zhelyezna/Y. Matveev/N. Zhovmir: Bioenergy Development in Ukraine - State of the Art and Perspectives – Lars Rydén: Urban Sustainability Strategies - Is there a Common Structure? – Arnolds Ūbelis: Teaching for Sustainable Development and University-Municipality Partnerships (Project «Inversed Brain Drain») – Bjarne Rasmussen: The Local Agenda 21 Change Agent - Why, What, Who, How? – Bernd Delakowitz: Environmental Management (EM) and Sustainable Development (SD) in University’s Strategic Management - Motivation and Experience from the Hochschule Zittau/Goerlitz - University of Applied Sciences (F.R.G.) – Krzysztof Nawratek: City as a Vehicle of Education – Luigi Bistagnino/Pier Paolo Peruccio/Carlotta Montanera: A Challenge for the Design - The Systems Design Thinking – Vladimir Stevanovic/Ivica Radovic/Slobodan Regner/Sreten Mandic/Zlatko Bulic/Aleksandar Joksimovic/Dejan Radovic: Adriatic Sea and Coastal Zone of Serbia and Montenegro - Characteristics of Biodiversity and Possibilities for their Sustainable Exploitation – Hans-Peter Winkelmann: Towards an International e-Learning Didactic for Sustainable Development - The European Virtual Seminar on Sustainable Development (EVS) – Andrea Segrè/Luca Falasconi/Marina Mantini/Sabina Morganti/Elisabetta Nanni/Hajnalka Petrics/Matteo Vittuari: The UniAdrion Experience - A Virtual University for the Adriatic-Ionian Basin – Stina Soewarta: The Contribution of Energy Policy to Sustainability – Hajnalka Petrics: Sustainable Development Concepts and Tools - The World Bank’s Approach to Sustainable Development: Environmental Sustainability and Poverty Reduction – Raimonds Ernsteins: Local Agenda 21 Process Facilitation - Environmental Communication and Self-Experience Development in Latvia – Dina Bērziņa: Climate Change Mitigation Initiatives - Energy Policy in Compliance with UNFCC and Kyoto Targets – Markus Will: Foresight and Integrated Management Systems in Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) - Preliminary Considerations for a Tool-kit towards Corporate Sustainability – H. Schnitzer/G. Gwehenberger/Ch. Zwatz: Zero Emissions Research in Austria - A Case Study – Heather Worosz/Paulo Bento Maffei de Souza/Yury Kazhura: Sustainable Community Development in the Baltic Sea Region – Agrita Ozola: Integration of Cultural Heritage as a Resource for Sustainable Development in Municipality - A Case of Durbe Manor in Tukums – Fredrik Fogelberg: