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Military Pedagogy in Progress


Hubert Annen and Wolfgang Royl

Contents: Edwin R. Micewski: Comparative Strategic Cultures - A Future Challenge in Security Studies – Hermann Jung: Cross Culture Education for Military Task Forces – Wolfgang Royl: Pedagogical Implications through the Transformation of the German Bundeswehr into an All-Volunteer-Force – Jarmo Toiskallio: Transformation through Education: Curriculum as Praxis in Officer Education – Rainer Peltoniemi/Hannele Lampela/Anna-Miia Suihkonen: Military Pedagogy on System Level: A Systemic Model of a Learning Organization – Wolfgang Royl: How Military Training and Education are Embedded in the Social Context – Hermann Jung: Interagency - New Learning Field for the Military Based on Network-Centric Systems – Gavril Malos/Sorina-Mihaela Mardar: The Diagnosis of Professional Training Needs – Hubert Annen: Leadership as a Selection Criterion for Officers - The Assessment Center for Prospective Career Officers (ACABO) in the Swiss Armed Forces – Mikael Salo/Guy L. Siebold: The Structure of Military Cohesion: Components, Predictors, and Outcomes – Juha Mäkinen: Crossing the Boundaries between Military Educational Institution and Military Units - A Case of Finnish Staff Officer Education – Hubert Annen: Abuse of Authority and Misguided Group Dynamics - Military Pedagogical Measures – Werner Wieser: Leadership Skills Training in the Austrian Armed Forces – Wojciech Horyn: Teaching Pedagogy to Army Officers – Bo Talerud: Educational Aspects of Swedish Military Leadership.