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Explorations into Language Use in Africa


Augustin Simo Bobda

Contents: Augustin Simo Bobda: Introduction – Joshua A. Fishman: Leadership trajectories in the language planning process – René Dirven/Martin Pütz: Language conflict seen from the viewpoint of the rationalist and romantic models – Vic Webb: The sustainability of South Africa’s pluralist language policy – Kembo Sure: Promotion and sustenance of multilingualism: Partnership between the private sector and the government – Pius N. Tamanji: Globalization and African languages: Regression in linguistic diversity – Ngessimo M. Mutaka: Ecosystem of the Vute-Banyo area and language endangerment – Michel Kenmogne: Tone assignment on nominal forms in Bakoko – Douglas Pulleyblank: Yoruba vowel patterns: Asymmetries through phonological competition – Augustin Simo Bobda: Predictability of word stress in African English: Evidence from Nigerian English and Cameroon English – Paul Mbangwana: Discourse and self-validation as hallmarks of advertisement – Kasper Juffermans: Local emplacement and global identities in signboard and billboard literacies in urban Gambia – Lothar Peter/Hans-Georg Wolf: Compiling an exclusive dictionary of West African English: A report on work in progress.