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Multicultural Dilemmas

Identity, Difference, Otherness


Wojciech Kalaga and Marzena Kubisz

Contents: Benjamin Dorfman: Writing History, Writing Resistance. History, Narrative and the Political – Helene Pristed: The Concept of Identity – Marek Wilczyński: Impressions d’Amérique. Scribbling the Wilderness - From Chateaubriand to Baudrillard – Tyke O’Brien: Alternative Geographies/Hybrid Spaces: Gertrude Stein’s Autobiographical Writings and the Creation of the Location – Jacek Mydla: Narcissus Patients: Yukio Mishima, Self-shaping and its Discontents – Josephine Huang (Wen-Yu): The Presence of Native Informant: From Spivak’s Reading of Wide Sargasso Sea – Aneta Zacharz: Following the Path of Rosenzweigian Aesthetics of the Uncanny – A.D. Barker: Bridge on the River Kwai and the Japanese Prisoner of War Camp Movie: a Multiculturalism Too Far? – Agnieszka Gołda-Derejczyk: How to Travel in Time? Retro-Victorian Cinema – Sławomir Masłoń: Shattered Skin of Glass: Other Resistance and Transparency – Maruša Pušnik: Narrating and Doing Otherness Through the Aesthetics of Media Texts – Gregor Starc: Alien Bodies: Media Constructions of Otherness through Immigrants’ Bodies – Anna Antonowicz: Ethnographic Exhibitions and the Politics of Difference - British Imperial Museums in Colonial and Postcolonial Britain – Agata Preis-Smith: Gender Masquerade – Katarzyna Wantoch-Rekowska: Aggressive Machismo: Cross-Cultural Perspective – Anna Popiel: The Body of Language, or On the Mythic Narrative of Ecriture Féminine – Katarzyna Więckowska: Levinasian Shadow: Text, Other, Woman.