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Interacting with Broadband Society


Leopoldina Fortunati, Jane Vincent and Julian Gebhardt

Contents: Leopoldina Fortunati/Jane Vincent/Julian Gebhardt/Andraž Petrovčič/Olga Vershinskaya: Introduction: Approaching the notion of humans as e-actors interacting with Broadband Society – Leopoldina Fortunati: From ICT User to Broadband e-Actor – Gregor Petrič/Andraž Petrovčič/Vasja Vehovar: Communication Technology Use as a Structuration Process: Exploring the Communicative Portraits of Active Users – Hajo Greif/Oana Mitrea/Matthias Werner: Usability vs. Functionality? Mobile Broadband Technologies and User Agency – Giuseppina Pellegrino: Mediated Bodies in saturated environments: Participation as co-construction – Amparo Lasen: Mobile Culture and Subjectivities: an Example of the Shared Agency between People and Technology – Julian Gebhardt: Alfred Schütz and the media: The intersubjective constitution of mediated interpersonal communication in everyday life – Jane Vincent: Me and My Mobile – Vsevolod M. Zherebin: Information Society as the Law-governed Result of the Evolution of Information – Olga Vershinskaya: Theoretical Approach to the Concept of Humans as e-Actors – Lilia Raycheva: Television: The Good, The Bad and the Unexpected Challenges of ICT – Panayiota Tsatsou: Digital Divides in Greece: The Role of Culture and Regulation in Internet Adoption. Implications for the European Information Society – Vesna Dolničar: Regulating on an informed basis: Integrative methodological framework for monitoring the digital divide.