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Experiencing Broadband Society


Julian Gebhardt, Hajo Greif, Lilia Raycheva and Claire Lobet-Maris

Contents: Julian Gebhardt/Hajo Greif/Lilia Raycheva/Claire Lobet-Maris/Amparo Lasen: Introduction: The Broadband Society and its Citizens – Tim Van Lier/Jo Pierson: Identification of community practices and co-creation by pre-adolescents: the case of Ketnet Kick – Beatriz Galán/Maidana Andrés Legal/D.I. Pedro Senar: Design and communication for local development: technological decisions in collaborative scenarios – Marina Borovik/Ludmilla Shemberko: Social Sciences Information User Behaviour and Searching Strategies in Multifarious Environment – Sarah Gallez/Anne-Claire Orban/Céline Schöller/Claire Lobet-Maris: Teenagers on the Net: Generational Divide, Autonomy, Liberty and Responsibility – Maria Sourbati: Non-Users in the Information Society Learning from the older generation – Inge Røpke/Kirsten Gram-Hanssen/Jesper Ole Jensen: Households’ ICT use in an energy perspective – Kerstin Wüstner: Attitudes towards mobile phone communication technology – Sharon Baurley/Erik Geelhoed/Philippa Brock/Andrew Moore: Communication wear: User feedback as part of a co-design process – Larissa Hjorth: Beyond the frame: The place of mobile and immobile media.